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Evil Eye Bracelet

The evil eye is a luck charm believed to reflect evil and act as a barrier of harm, misfortune and bad luck.  The symbol has been passed down for hundreds of years be many cultures from Asia, to the Middle East, Europe and Latin and Central America.  It is believed that wearing the evil eye may actually bring happiness, love, success, and wealth to their keepers.

Evil Eye Bracelet

What do the colors mean? In Turkey and surrounding countries, the most popular evil eye charm color is blue. Turkey is in a dry part of the world, where water is precious — with water things prosper and grow, and without it, things shrivel and die. The color blue reminds people of fresh, cool water.

In the Jewish faith, the color red is often associated with luck and good fortune, so red is also a popular color.

When the Evil Eye Bead appears in other colors besides blue or red, it is usually for fashion reasons — color coordination with one's wardrobe. Beads in the alternative colors have every bit as much protective power as the traditional blue ones.

As such, many individuals can be found wearing evil eye bracelets in colors corresponding to the various awareness colors as a demonstration of support:

Black Ribbons: Melanoma
Dark Blue Ribbons: Colon Cancers
Gold Ribbons: Childhood Cancer
Gray Ribbons: Brain Cancer
Green Ribbons: Kidney Cancer
Jade Ribbons: Liver Cancer & Hepatitis
Lime Green Ribbons: Lymphoma, Lyme Disease
Orange Ribbons: Leukemia, Multiple Sclerosis
Periwinkle Ribbons: Hypertension & Stomach Cancer
Pearl Ribbons: Lung Cancer
Pink Ribbons: Breast Cancer
Pink, Purple & Teal: Thyroid Cancer
Purple Ribbons: Testicular Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Eating Disorders
Red Ribbons: AIDS/HIV, Heart Disease
Silver Ribbons: Parkinson's Disease
Sky Blue Ribbons: Prostate Cancer
Teal Ribbons: Ovarian Cancer
Yellow: Bladder Cancer
White Ribbons: Bone Cancer