Cancer Can't Get Me

A Non-Profit Organization
Assisting Individuals and Families
Fighting & Surviving Cancer



Over 12 million people are currently living with cancer and an additional 150 people are being diagnosed with cancer every hour. For those affected, the diagnosis will not only impact them physically but it is almost certain to drain them emotionally - especially if they don’t have the right support structure in place.  Unfortunately, most people (including close family members) are not adequately prepared to deal with the devastating news that a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer Can't Get Me is a non-profit organization established to provide support services to cancer patients, survivors and their families to help them deal with the physical and emotional effects of cancer. 100% of all funds raised (and profits earned) will be used to provide counseling, group sessions, and financial grants to cancer patients identified as needing assistance.

Additionally, proceeds from your donations will be used to help introduce the STAR (Survivors Taking Action & Responsibility) Program into the Reston Hospital Center.  The STAR Program has become the gold standard in cancer rehabilitation care for hospitals and allied services.  This initiative will establish the first rehab STAR Program in Northern Virginia.

Cancer Can’t Get Me will raise funds through a variety of methods including donations, government grants and through the sale of items that will provide awareness and hope to the families impacted by this devastating illness.  So please join us in providing a caring, helpful hand of hope.